03 August 2012

Winzip filenames default to uppercase

I have a problem with Winzip 15.5 and sent this message to Winzip support:

> For some reason, Winzip has started defaulting to uppercase filenames> when I create new zipx files, which is irritating because I've not> used uppercase filenames in decades!>> I unchecked the Allow Uppercase Filenames setting, but it has had no> effect.>> How do I fix this?

Winzip technical support responded as follows, and the solution works for me:
I would have to assume that you are using the context menu (right click) when creating Zip files.  What I've seen is that if you: 1. Highlight more than one file or folder 2. Right click and choose Add to Zip file the Add dialog that displays will show the 8.3 naming convention in the Add to archive text box. This also affects the file name. Development is working on the fix for this and will include it in the next version. What you can do for now would be to click the "New" button in the Add dialog, type your Zip file name in the New WinZip File dialog that opens, and click Create. This will bring you back to the Add dialog and the path and file name will be in the long name format you would usually expect to see. Please let me know if you have any further questions. --Bill Glenister, WinZip Technical Support

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Bill Glenister, WinZip Technical Support

- Has new update rolled out? I work at Corporate and needs this resolved ASAP.