27 March 2013

No support for Google Chrome Screen Capture extension

I've been using Google's Screen Snap extension for Chrome for a couple years, and it gets worse all the time. I've posted the following review to the Chrome Web Store. I marked it with 5 stars, because I noticed that low-ranking critiques don't show up on the reviews page.

TRUE RANKING: 1 STAR. I have selected 5 stars so that maybe someone will actually be able read my  negative critique, since low ratings do not show up in Chrome extensions Reviews. 
3-Mar-2013 - Google does not appear to be supporting this extension any more. It gets buggier all the time. Now I am not able to use the dropdown to select an action, I HAVE to use the keyboard shortcuts. Also, dropdowns on the edit screen are hidden beneath the captured image and are inaccessible...so editing an image is impossible. And just yesterday, full screen captures began yielding  a distorted, completely unusable image.  
I have reduced my rating to 1 star and switched to Awesome Screen Capture, which is not perfect, but is more reliable than Google's Screen Capture. 
3-Dec-12 - Have increased my rating to 3 stars because it MOSTLY works now. But it's buggy. One day certain functions don't work and other days they do. It's weird. Today, for example, it won't save changes I make to it's settings. 
22-June-12 - Months have passed and this is still not fixed. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Very frustrating. 
Am reducing the number of stars to 1 because now the capture screen region feature has stopped working when scrolled down below the top visible area on a page. C'mon Google, quit ignoring this once-terrific product and get it fixed!! 8-Mar-201 
The "Capture Whole Page" feature stopped working a few weeks ago, and nothing has been done by Google to fix it, in spite of many complaints in the forums. I was very happy with Screen Capture until this happened...now I'm happy with it until I need to do a whole-screen capture, and then I'm frustrated. 5-March-2012

22 March 2013

Mention people in your posts with Google+

This is a groovy new feature created by Google: the ability to mention people in blog posts using Google+. It works similar to the way we've used @name mentions in Jira and Trello.

18 March 2013

WinMerge: A groovy little app for comparing files and folders in Windows

I've been using Auslogics Duplicate File Finder for a couple years now to help me rein in the unintentional duplicate files that inevitably occur in my ever-growing disk spaces, and it's been a big help. But what it's not good at is helping one know what differences exist between two directories, which is often more useful information. I discovered this open source app -- WinMerge -- today and am quite impressed with it. It's lightweight and works like a champ.

​You might find it handy, if you've not already got a similar tool at your disposal.

Update: I am squealing with delight (internally) because I just learned that WinMerge not only compares two directories and their subdirectories, but it allows you to select the group of files that exist in one directory and not the other and either move or copy them over in one step. How cool is that?