19 November 2013

Macaw Sneak Peek

This video provides a short -- well relatively short, at 20 minutes -- demonstration of Macaw software which allows one to lay out web pages graphically and, with the help of wise class naming, create compact and fluid CSS and HTML automatically. I've not tried the software personally -- it's still not publicly available (you can learn more here: http://macaw.co/ -- but the demo is impressive.

12 November 2013

La importancia del código

Encontré esta pagina y me gusto mucho el video, espero también les guste

11 November 2013

What we do as web developers


Camtasia Studio due out any day now

In case you're contemplating a purchase of Camtasia Studio and want to know whether it's worth it to purchase the one year of free upgrades for USD 74.75, the following chart may help you. 

I did a quick check of TechSmith's new Camtasia Studio version releases and discovered that their average major upgrade cycle is 502 days. Based on that figure, v9.0.0 is due out any day now, and if you're buying v8, it's probably worth it to invest in the version upgrade "protection." (Not all that different from protection money, is it?)