22 February 2014

UberConference Chrome App prevents Gmail from logging out automatically

I discovered this week that the UberConference Chrome app suppresses auto-logout of Gmail when I close my browser (Chrome Version 33.0.1750.117 m on Windows 7).

The UberConference app seems to cause a problem with Chrome's "Continue where I left off" feature, and Gmail remains logged in when I close Chrome, which is potentially a major security issue. When I turn off the UberConference Google App and close my browser, Gmail prompts for password when Chrome is restarted, as it should.

I have notified UberConference tech support of the problem.

15 February 2014

Window Problem Steps Recorder

This looks like an extremely useful feature in Windows 7 that I can't believe I've never heard of until now! If it works as this tutorial states, it would be very effective for helping clients and friends remotely.

10 February 2014

Washington Post, Guardian links used to infect The Mask malware victims

Summary: Kaspersky's security research team today revealed "one of the most advanced" cyber-espionage malware threats "The Mask" (aka Careto). Victims including government institutions, private equity firms and high-profile activists are exploited.

By Violet Blue for Zero Day | February 10, 2014 -- 18:03 GMT (10:03 PST)

PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic — Kaspersky Lab security research team just released details about "The Mask" (aka Careto) cyber-espionage malware, calling it "one of the most advanced threats at the moment" at the 2014 Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit.

Researchers told attendees The Mask is an extremely sophisticated nation-state spying tool and believe it to have been in operation since 2007.


03 February 2014

Which Social Networks Should You Care About in 2014?

by Jeremy Waite

It’s hard to believe that Facebook will be ten years old this February and yet social media still seems new to many of us. Brands are struggling as much as they ever have done to understand what to do with it, and which networks actually have any real value. I noticed a number of social challenges that brands faced in 2013 but probably the two most common questions I got asked were:

  • Which social networks should I focus on?
  • How much of my time and resources should I allocate to each one?

The answers to these questions are not as complicated as people often think, but neither is there correct answer to either of them. Read more...