16 March 2014

Greenshot screen capture

Today I want to pitch a tool that I discovered a few months ago which has become an invaluable part of my arsenal. It's an open-source app called Greenshot that allows you take screen snaps of any part of your screen, even outside of browsers, making it superior to Chrome and FF-based screenshot plug-ins. 

You can capture a window with one click (without having to click and drag a capture box around it), you can capture full screen (of course), you can capture a region by just clicking the Prnt Scrn button and clicking/dragging (my most common use of it), and you capture the last region you captured, which is a surprisingly useful feature when you're taking lots of screenshots of the same page. The hot-keys are modifiable.

You can copy your capture to the clipboard to paste into an application, like Gmail or Word, you can save the capture as a jpg, png, bmp, gif, or tiff file, or you can open it in an editor, which is a very cool feature. And there are various other output options:

Greenshot's image editor is not feature-heavy, but it's very effective for making quick annotations -- using circles, boxes, arrows, lines, text, and highlights -- with tools to obfuscate text for security reasons, rotate, and crop your image.

You can open existing images in a wide number of formats and modify them using the editor. You can also save an in-progress image (if you're adding lots of annotations, for example) as a .greenshot file and open it later with ability to edit all your previously create graphic objects.

Greenshot is much faster and easier to use than doing a full-screen capture and then editing it in Photoshop or other graphic editor. On top of that, it's free, easy to install, and it is in constant development. I like it so much that I have donated to the developers, and will continue to support them.

Check it out -- I think you'll find it a valuable tool, as well.