04 February 2016

Why switch to Windows 10 or a Mac when you can use Linux Mint 17.3 instead?

Linux Mint 17.3 is the best Linux desktop operating system and it might be the best PC operating system, period, for you.

By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols for Linux and Open Source | February 3, 2016

My buddy David Gewirtz recently wrote about the question of whether you should move from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or a Mac. I have another suggestion: Linux. Specifically Linux Mint 17.3, Rosa, with the Cinnamon desktop.

Yes, I'm serious. I use all the above desktops -- yes I'm a Windows 7 and 10 user as well as a Linux guy -- and for people I think Mint 17.3 makes a great desktop.
I've been using Mint as my main Linux desktop for years now. Unlike some desktops I could name -- cough, Windows 8, cough -- Linux Mint has never had a flop. Every year that goes by, this operating system keeps getting better. The other desktops? Not so much.
Let's take a closer look.at Windows 7 vs. Linux Mint 17.3
UI Differences
There's really not much. While it's even easier for a Windows XP user to move to Mint than a Windows 7 user, any Windows user won't have any trouble picking up Linux Mint with Cinnamon. There's a Start Menu and settings are easy to find.

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Curtis said...

I've never used Mint. The various desktops I've used with Linux in the past were all clunky and non-intuitive and did nothing to make we want to leave Windows. I felt like moving to Linux would be taking a step backward, in terms of the basic pleasure of using the tool.

Mint may change my mind.